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Distortion (2017)

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Mary (Tia Hammitt) and Sam (Joel Shelton) are a dissatisfied married couple that have some major issues to resolve within their marriage. Sam is well-aware of their problems, but never seems to discuss them. Mary has an idealistic view of their marriage and sees little wrong with. This all changes, when Mary sees her sister Allison (Christine Gustin) happily engaged to Sam's best friend, Grant (Joseph Higgins). Mary begins to realize that the happiness she once shared with Sam is no longer existent and seeks to resolve some of the issues in their marriage. However, to make matters even worse, Sam invites his brother Mark (Joel Hammitt) without permission from Mary, to live with them on a temporary basis, as Mark attempts to resolve his own martial situation. Will Mark's manipulative ways effect and damage the already failing marriage of Sam and Mary? Written by Joel Shelton