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Still Pitching: Baseball, Dark Days Salvation (2017)

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"STILL PITCHING; Baseball, Dark Days, & Salvation. The Story of The Fish," a true story about the life of Rick Fisher, aka "The Fish"; his passion for baseball, his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, his battle with suicidal ideation, his search for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, and his head on collision with Christ where his mind was transformed and renewed instantly. It ends with Rick's new life in Christ where he accepts the perfect love of God who took away any and all desire for drugs, alcohol, and suicidal thoughts. God literally saved Ricks life now and forever, which enables Rick to live a life devoted to sharing God through selfless acts of love and service to others. In gratitude for what God has done for him, Rick has given his whole life; his thoughts, his spoken words, and his actions to God, as he seeks God for guidance in day to day decisions - (even in baseball as he prays before each game) -and in all of life's ups and downs Written by Owen Hisle